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PVP Station Light 3000 2.7" Color Digital Crystal Screen

RM 49.90

Play all the PVP color and PVP games you already own!

Enhanced backlit screen for take-anywhere game play.

Use the AV cable to link up with PVP system to the A/V in jack for use with TV.

Includes: AC adapter and lithium-ion rechargeable battery pack-good for up to 6-7 hours of continuous game play

The battery life varies depending on the temperature and usage

1) 2.7 inches super wide color LCD digital game system
2) AV out function for use with play on TV
3) With powerful rechargeable battery pack
4) Pretty & petite pocket game console

1. It can’t support UMD, ISO games and game disk, and didn’t support download games
2. Before connect to TV, make sure that your TV and the unit are turned off.
3. Switch the channel on TV to the audio/video channel.

1 * PVP  game console
1 * AV cable
1 * Ac adapter
1 * Battery
2 * Free  game card
1 * User manual